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Learn Beginner Russian Podcast: «My name is…» or not «My name is…»?

Dear Listeners,

First of all, we would like to apologize for keeping silent for a long time. We hope you enjoyed your time with Alice during our first episodes. We will be happy if you continue our journey into the world of the Russian language.

This is Episode 12 in our Learn Beginner Russian Podcast series with Alice Val.

In this (a little bit mysterious) Episode you will learn the origin of the Russian phrase «Меня зовут…» (mye-nYA zuh-vOOt), the general meaning of which is «My name is…». You will be surprised how different general and literal meanings can be.

One more word you will hear is «спасибо» (spuh-sEE-bah).

Have a nice time!


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