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Learn Beginner Russian Podcast: How to move from «You» to «you» in Russian?

This is Episode 14 in our Learn Beginner Russian Podcast series with Alice Val.

You already know that the pronoun «you» has two words in Russian. One of them is «Вы» (vy) and the other one is «ты» (ty) (listen to Episode 9).

Quite often Russians start communicating, using «Вы» (vy), but then they move to «ты» (ty).

The phrase you need to say to do that is:

Давайте перейдём на «ты» (Duh-vUHy- tye pye-rye- y-dYOm nuh ty).

To learn how it sounds and what it really means listen to this Episode.

One more new word you will hear is «сосед» (suh-sYEt). What is or who is «сосед»? The answer is in Episode 14. Listen to it!

Remember, you can ask Alice and other Russian speakers questions on Fluentli.com.

By the way, how is your Russian coming along? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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