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Learn Beginner Russian Podcast: Are you happy?

This is Episode 15 in our Learn Beginner Russian Podcast series with Alice Val.

Are you a positive person or a realist? 🙂

In any case, you should know how to say «I’m happy!» in Russian.

«I’m happy» in Russian is «Я рада» (ya rUH-duh) or «Я рад» (ya rUHt).

Usually we say why we are happy: «I’m happy that…». In Russian it is «Я рада, что…» (ya rUH-duh shtOH) or «Я рад, что…» (ya rUHt shtOH). To understand what the difference is, listen to the Episode.

Also, you might need to go back to Episode 9 to revise the pronoun «you» in Russian.

Moreover, if you want to listen to our first episodes from Episode 1, please click here: Learn Beginner Russian Podcast.

Remember, you can ask Alice and other Russian speakers questions on Fluentli.com.

By the way, how is your Russian coming along? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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