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Learn Beginner Russian Podcast: Are impossible things possible?

This is Episode 17 in our Learn Beginner Russian Podcast series with Alice Val.

Napoleon said that the word «impossible» was not in his vocabulary.  But we will include this word in our vocabulary :).

This Episode will introduce you not only the word «impossible», but also the phrases: «It’s possible» and «It’s impossible». Moreover, you will learn how to say «yes» or «no» in Russian.

Now see how we write and pronounce these words and phrases:

«It’s possible» – «Это возможно» (EH-tuh vuhz-mOHzh-nuh);

«It’s impossible» – «Это невозможно» (EH-tuh  nye-vuhz-mOHzh-nuh);

«yes» – «да» (dUH);

«no» – «нет» (nYEt).

You will also hear the words «documents» («документы» – duh-koo-mYEn-ty) and «a dog» («собака» – suh-bUH-kuh)

and two more small words: «and» – «и» (ee) in Russian and «his» – «его» (ye-vOH) in Russian.

Remember, you can ask Alice and other Russian speakers questions on Fluentli.com.

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