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English Learning Challenge: Talk about holidays

Join this week’s English Learning challenge!

Read below about how you can win a free 20 minute online video chat lesson with Mikhail or Nate, and get 1000 points on Fluentli.

Step 1 – Watch this short video

Step 2 – Give your response

Your response should answer these three questions:

1) What kind of places do you like to travel to?

You might try to use something like this:
Oh… different places… I love to go to… and…

(2) If you have a chance to ask Nikki (the girl in this video) one question about her trip, what would you ask?

Here’s a way you might start this answer:
One question I would ask her is…

(3) Can you recommend one place for Nikki to visit next? This could be in your country or overseas. Why do you recommend this place?

Here’s some help if you need it:
I would recommend Nikki to visit… It’s in… It’s a great place because…

Step 3 – Record the audio for your response

You’re doing great!

Next, go to our SoundCloud group and record your response.

Final Step! – Leave a comment

You’re all finished! Way to go!

Comment below that you completed the challenge. We’ll get back to you if you’re a winner.

Challenge Details

  1. Please submit your response by May 17.
  2. The first 5 people to submit audio will get 1000 points on Fluentli.
  3. We will choose the best audio response. What is ‘best’? A response that has few grammar mistakes, sounds fluent, and is interesting!
  4. We’ll contact the winners via the comments, so please check back here after May 17.

Thanks and we’re looking forward to your responses!

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