How to Battle Information Overload, Setbacks, and More as a Language Learner

As a language learner, your number one problem is not finding courses, tools, or apps…

Finding the best language learning resources may have been a problem a few years ago, but that’s not the case anymore.

There has been an explosion in online language learning thanks to large companies and individual bloggers alike. But this has only highlighted the fact that signing up for a service is not going to help you become fluent in a foreign language.

Learning a language requires you to make a huge lifestyle change…

And like all lifestyle changes such as dieting and exercise, we start off with lots of intrinsic motivation. That motivation is like rocket fuel at first, but quickly burns out as our normal life competes with our time, energy, and attention.

A one day break in your daily routine of learning vocabulary somehow turns into a month. Getting back into it is hard and usually feels like you’re completely starting over.

This is a HUGE hit to your confidence.

It’s true that anyone can learn a language, and that’s what everyone online is telling us.

And some of them even say it’s possible to do in a month or less…

“So why can’t I learn a language?” you think.

People are bad at making big life changes

That is, until they’re helped in the right direction.

As language learners, we suffer just as much from the “shiny new object” syndrome as anyone.

When one app doesn’t seem like the magic bullet, we distract ourselves by reading blogs about language learning, or we simply download the new latest thing.

This is obviously not the answer.

Enter Language Coaching…

If our desire to speak a language is our intrinsic motivation, and that’s not enough to keep us going forward with our plans, we need some extrinsic motivation that will never wane.

You need someone in your corner, fighting with you.

You need a language coach who can offer you accountability, plus so much more…


At Fluentli, I’ve decided to start a new system for language learners to be matched with hand-selected language coaches.

These coaches are people who have been through the trenches of their own language learning struggles.

They’ve fought their own bad habits.

Conquered the problems language learners face like memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules.

And they know exactly what you’re going through.

They are the kind of people who will be able to help you through the low points and setbacks that make you feel like quitting, or to help motivate you back into learning.

They’re also great for helping you set goals, complete goals, and focus on what’s really important about reaching fluency.

I truly believe this is what language learners need most, especially in today’s world.

That’s why I’m looking for a test group of language learners to help me develop this system.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You complete the below application.
  2. I look through the coaches I personally know for the best one that matches your needs.
  3. Each coach provides:
    1. One 30 minute session a week to recap what you’ve done, see how you’re doing on your goals, and keep you on track.
    2. Email or text message support through the week for when you’re feeling stuck.
    3. Insights that coach has gained, allowing you to gain the perspective of someone with years of experience.
  4. You continue for at least a month, but can coordinate with your coach for future sessions. Some learner might get all they need from a month of coaching, while others may wish to continue for several months.

If that all sounds good, be one of the first to join this exciting new program

Fill in the questionnaire below, and I’ll be in touch very soon with applications from our best coaches.

Thanks and I’m really excited to hear from you!



Nate Hill

Founder | Fluentli