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Become a Fluentli Podcaster: Help thousands of language learners

One of our biggest goals at Fluentli is to give our community a way to share our knowledge with others.

In our search to help you share your expertise in the languages you understand, we’ve decided to launch the next big thing for the community.

Introducing the Fluentli Podcasters Program

I love podcasts. I’m sure you love podcasts, too. Who wouldn’t?

They’re such a great way to fill moments on your bike, on the train, or in your car with a custom feed of educational or interesting content so that that valuable time isn’t wasted.

For language learners, this is a huge help for being able to fill your days with as much of the language as possible.

After 13,000 plays and 2,000 downloads on our SoundCloud test run with a few members, we’re excited to open up our podcasting channel for everyone in the community. (*See full details below)

Do you have knowledge to share?

Then why not apply to join this new podcasting movement so we can fill the world’s ears with helpful, free language learning content!

If you’ve got your own language learning website or blog, then this is also a great way to show your expertise and find new potential students from all over the world.

Please use the form below to get started, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

* As a Fluentli podcaster, you will remain the sole owner of the content you share with the community. Fluentli will have no ownership of the content and if for some reason you would ever like it removed from our podcasting channel, you may email us that request. If you have any other terms you’d like associated with the content that gets accepted, please let us know that before we publish.

Help get the word out!

Imagine hundreds of free lessons for a number of the languages people around the world want to learn. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I hope that you’ll want to apply to be a podcaster as well, but please also share this post with anyone you feel might wish to contribute.

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