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Self Answers, Creating Value for the Online Language Learning Community

Our current world is amazing.

We have a question, we google it, and ‘bam!’ there’s the answer.

There’s one thing most people tend to forget, though.

This collective knowledge takes a community.

And communities work best when everyone takes as much as they contribute. Without that mentality, the survival of the community is dependent on the few members who give a lot more than they take.

Struggling to learn is really an opportunity to teach

In whatever language you’re learning, there will always be times when something just doesn’t make sense. Or you get worried that how you say something is not correct, or if there are other ways to say it.

That’s where our Fluentli community comes in.

You can ask those kind of questions and wait for someone with that knowledge to help you out.

But flip this around.

When you struggle to learn something, that is really an opportunity to teach. Tweet This

For example, if I want to learn Russian, I might wonder, “What are the most natural ways and situations I could say ‘I know’ or ‘I don’t know’?

Well, if you’re wondering that about Russian, there’s someone else wondering that about Spanish, which you happen to speak fluently.

So instead of only taking the answer to your Russian question, you can also offer infinite value back to the Spanish learning community if you take an extra 10 minutes to create a “self answer.”

How to make helpful Self Answers

Recently, one member of our community, Mikhail, has been creating self answers.

And they’re amazingly valuable.

Take a look at what he’s done, and consider doing something similar this week when you have a language learning question.

Step 1

Ask a question in a language you know that is a question you’ve had in a language you’re learning.

Step 2

Create a highly valuable answer that considers the full range of possibilities. Think of this as a mini blog post. Give examples, exceptions to the rules, whatever you can think of that a learner would want to know.

Step 3

Include audio. The audio will help the learn so much. It’s a must have!

Take a look at this screenshot to see what an amazing resource this becomes when all three steps are completed:

Self answering on fluentli

Mikhail involuntarily created this post and two others like it this week.

Take a look and please share them as a way to say thank you to Mikhail for contributing his time and knowledge to our community.

This week, think about what you’ve struggled with or are struggling with in a foreign language.

Then, take ten or fifteen minutes to create a helpful self answer with Mikail’s posts serving as a great example.

Remember to share your self answer with me on Twitter or via the contact form so I can help share it with people learning that language.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your amazing posts!

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