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Ultimate Guide to Language Learning: From Scratch to Polyglot

language learning guide fluentliLanguage learning is a journey.

And at different points in that journey, you will have different requirements.

The aim of this guide is to be a living resource that you can refer to at any point in your language learning journey.

From how to get started all the way to what it takes to learn multiple languages, all of the links below have been carefully organized so you can quickly find the help or information you need now.

A Note About Fluentli

Fluentli is a Q&A community designed specifically for language learners. You can ask fluent speakers how to express something specific, and even get audio recordings right in the answers section.

Connect with us to get more language learning tips, and updates to this guide:

Introducing: The Ultimate Resource Book to Language Learning

Start here at the table of contents. Each link will take you down the page to that section.

There’s a lot of information here, so book mark this page, take your time to jump around, and enjoy learning a language!

Introduction: Find Your Reason for Learning a Language

Learning a foreign language is tricky. You start out with so much motivation in the beginning, but as soon as that fades you put your studies on the back burner. It’s best to have a solid, practical reason in mind for why you are learning a language. Whether you’re a new learner or have been studying for a while, take some time to choose why you’re doing this — and put it on your wall.

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Chapter 1: Get Started on the Right Foot

For many beginners, they simply just don’t know where to start. Especially if you’re set on self-study, take some time to listen to the advice of those who have gone before you.

Avoid common mistakes, and detrimental thoughts:

Understanding Motivation

Choosing the right language:

Other tips:

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Chapter 2: First, Learn How to Change Your Behavior

People usually don’t think about this, but learning a language is a complete lifestyle change. And just like choosing to exercise more and lose weight, if you’re not knowledgeable in the basics of your own behavioral psychology, you’re going to struggle with consistency. The below links will give you a great start.

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Chapter 3: Learn About and Improve Your Memory

Memory is a huge part of language learning. People who think they’re bad at learning a language probably also believe they have a bad memory. While they might not have the best memory, it may just be that they’ve never worked on certain techniques to help them remember things better.

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Chapter 4: The Learning Process

One of the reasons why beginners often have no idea where to start with learning a language is because everyone who has done it before as discovered the “right” method to do it. Well, that leaves us with a lot of options, and humans are really terrible decision makers. This section will hopefully give you an overview of the best of the best, and will encourage you to try things until you find the secret combo for you.

4.1: Plan Your Course of Action

4.2: Master Pronunciation

4.3: How to Best Learn Vocabulary

4.4: Tips for Successful Language Exchanges

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Chapter 5: How to Push Through a Plateau

When learning any new skill, you reach a point where you make progress much slower than you did. The periods of plateau can feel like you’re stranded in a desert wasteland at times, but those that push through them will discover yet another green pasture of progress on the other side.

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Chapter 6: Do You Want to Go the Way of the Polyglot?

Who doesn’t want to be a bad-ass, CIA-like, mother… polyglot? Well, read below and find out for yourself if it’s the direction you’d like to turn your language learning efforts.

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Bonus Chapter: Some Fun and Inspiration

This chapter is for some more fun and inspiration.

But before you dig in, here’s a nice article about how looking to the top performers as a source of inspiration or motivation might not bring about the best results:

Language Learning fun and inspiration. Enjoy the videos!

  • Noel van Vliet

    That’s a great guide, Nate.
    Thanks so much for including me!

    • fluentli

      Glad you like it! Thanks for writing such great articles!

  • http://LanguageMastery.com/ John Fotheringham

    Great collection of resources and tips. And thanks for including Language Mastery in the list.

    • fluentli

      John, my pleasure! Glad to hear you like the collection :)

  • http://www.lingholic.com/ lingholic

    Awesome collection of resources! Thanks for including my blog in the list! While I know most of the websites here on this page, I’ll definitely make sure to check out those that I haven’t come across yet.

    • fluentli

      Thanks for stopping by to take a look! Happy to include your articles :)

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