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Best Language Learning Conversations Are Not Made for Zombies (Usually)

warm bodiesYou know what I hate?

Those boring, uncreative language course dialogues that every language learner, ever, has had to suffer through…

I mean, seriously. Why are they so terrible?

In the world of second language learners, boring dialogues are bringing on the zombie apocalypse.

Help me bring the life back to language learning, before it’s too late!

Calling all Writers, Translators, and Actors

To end this pandemic of boring, lifeless language course dialogues, we’ve got to work together.

As a community, we can utilize our diversity and put our heads, skills, and other talents together to create something amazing.

Imagine if there was a free collection of interesting and fun dialogues for language learners around the world. With scripts translated in other languages and fun videos, language learners would have everything they needed to get started memorizing and mastering essential vocabulary and grammar.

Choose a Role and Get Involved

I’ve set up an online space where we can collaborate.

Writers can meet other writers to come up with brilliant ideas and write up short scripts.

Writers then pass those scripts on to translators.

The translators then pass those translations out to those who want to get in front of the camera.

There are probably other roles as well. And, you can feel free to get involved with any number of roles that you’re comfortable with.

The final product?

A freely accessible collection of the world’s best, most creative, and most non-zombie-like (unless written for zombie characters…) dialogues for language learners that ever existed. I’ll host everything in one place, and the content will be available under this creative commons license.

If You’ve Got a Pulse, Join Us

Simply leave your email below, and I’ll invite you to the group so we can continue discussing how we’re going to bring life back to the poor language learners who are suffering from ZDS (zombie dialogue syndrome).


Please leave any questions you’ve got in the comments, and share this post to prevent zombie takeover!