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SMLH Flashcards

In our first free ebook, The Science of Language Hacking, we talk about the necessary stages you need to build your own language hacking system. Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘language hacker,’ it outlines how your learning process should be.
But we realized something.
We realized that instead of going through the stages with notes scattered all over the place, it would be better to have all of that information organized in one easy place that can be reviewed often.
What better way to do this than with a flashcard?
This can’t be just any flashcard, though. We drew up a very preliminary design, and came up with a four-sided index card that folds, like a thank you note or a birthday card.
You’ll need to read the ebook to get the full picture, but we made a quick slideshow to show you what we’re thinking.
Of course, you could just make these on your own somehow, but it would be a lot of work, or the quality wouldn’t be that durable.
So if you prefer physical flashcards more than digital alternatives, let us know you’re interested. Once we have the design worked out, we plan to make a very limited number of sets.
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