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Meet Fluentli’s New Community Manager, and Welcome Members from Learn Communities

fluentli and learn communitiesThe Fluentli community has really been growing over the last few months. It’s actually tripled thanks to all of the great questions and answers you’ve shared.

With so many new faces coming in, it would be really fun to give ourselves more outlets to meet each other, share cultural tid-bits, and continue to help with language questions as they come up in your studies.

So I’m extremely happy today to announce that Fluentli has welcomed in a new Community Manager, Francesco, to guide us as a community as a new chapter of the Fluenti story begins.

We Also Welcome Learn Communities into the Fluentli Family

Francesco has been passionate about language and cultural awareness for some time. That’s why he started his Learn Communities project last year.

Over the last few weeks of talking with Francesco, we came to the realization that Fluentli and Learn Communities could do even more together. We’re very excited about Learn Communities having joined the Fluentli family, and we encourage you to head over and say hello.

So today we also send out a very warm welcome to all the learners and language experts from Learn Communities into our Fluentli family.

It all comes down to, where do you want to go next?

As you know, Fluentli is a great place for language learners to ask how to say what you need to say, when you need to say it, in the most natural way possible. You can add content to your favorites or make custom Language Packs of Q&A that’s relevant to what you’re trying to learn.

But our goal is to become a thriving community that is as fun as it is educational to be a part of.

In the last year we’ve started so many other things that are there waiting for you to get involved in, like #LivingFluentli, Dialogue Groups, and our Language Learning Habits group.

Why do we want to do so much?

Because we believe that learning a language is the only way to really experience another culture, and a journey that leads to an open mind. Collectively, this will lead to a more open and open-minded world.

Remember, this is your community and you have the power to step up and be a leader — and we’re here to help and support you in your initiative.

  • Do you want to make podcasts?
  • Share YouTube videos?
  • Write blog posts?
  • Be active in one of the projects above?
  • Start and manage new side projects for the community?

Contact us to let us know how you want to get involved!

So once again, welcome Francesco and members from Learn Communities! We’re very happy to have you here!

Take a second to say hello and introduce yourself in the comments 🙂