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Fluentli English and Japanese Communities Now Open — More to Come

Fluentli is a new question and answer site with both text and audio answers. We launched on Monday, May 13th with our first communities: English and Japanese.

Will there be more communities coming?


When to expect more language learning communities

We launched the site with English and Japanese because those are the two languages we can best manage in the beginning.

You see, our goal is not just to create any community. We want to create the best communities. There are too many language learning communities out there with off-topic questions and bad answers — bordering more on the side of a dating site.

So before we open more communities, we need to know we have enough users who share our vision and can help make Fluentli the most helpful and useful language learning community possible.

We hope to open more communities as soon as possible, but we need to know you’ve got our back. We wish our small team could understand all 7,000 languages out there, but we need your help to manage the ones we don’t.

Is that you?

If you share this vision, let us know what language community you’d like to see next!

  • owen wade

    I clicked on the language community link above, but it was for quite serious inquiries. Nothing wrong with that, but not what I wanted to post. Just wanted to say it might be interesting to have artificial languages like Klingon, Orcish and, less fantastic but a favorite of mine, Esperanto. Especially since no matter where you live it is essentially impossible to know a native speaker.

    • fluentli

      That’s funny, because we’re thinking the same thing! Wait… you don’t know any Orcs?

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